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Larry Bird the Black-Capped Conure

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All About ME!


Full Name:           Larry Bird

Nicknames:          Larry, Buddy, Bud, Baby Bird, Baby Boy, Baby, Cutest Bird in the World

Type of Bird:        Black-Capped Conure (genus Pyrrhura)

Hatch Date:          February 9, 2003 (in Florida)
Size:                    Aproximately 9 inches from head to tail
Weight:                Between 60 and 70 grams
Coloring:             As you can see in my picture, I am mostly green.  I have a beautiful "collar" of white and black feathers, and a handsome black head.  I also have gorgeous red on the edges of my wings.
Sex:                    Male (My mama and daddy had the vet do a special blood test to find out.)
Bird Parents:       Mama and Daddy (aka Emily and Mark)
Things I "Say":    "Hey Buddy!,"  Hello," "I love you," "Larry Bird," kissing noises, clicking noises, "quacking," "psst" noise, and various other whistles and squeaks.
Tricks I Do:          "Play dead," "Give kisses," "Be a fan," and "Are you dancing?"

My Mama and Daddy brought me home from PetSmart when I was about 3 months old.  I was still being handfed, so Mama and Daddy had to learn how to feed me before I was allowed to come home.  But before I was even hatched, they were doing a LOT of research about Conures and what I would need to grow up well.
I live in a large cage with lots of toys.  I espcially love my two "cuddle buddies" which are both toys made of yarn.  I cuddle up against them when I am sleeping at night or taking a nap.
I can "talk" a little, although it seems like only my Mama and Daddy can tell what I am saying.  I also have learned to do a few tricks.  Bath time is a favorite time of mine.
My Mama and Daddy let my wings grow out long a few years ago.  They were afraid this might be bad for me, so they asked the vet.  The vet said that since we do not have any cats or dogs living in our house, it is just fine for me to be fully flighted.  In fact, it's probably HEALTHIER for me to be able to fly.  Go figure...a bird being able to fly...  The only downside is that I'm not allowed outside anymore.  That's okay with me though because flying gives me all the freedom I need.  Plus, once I started flying, I stopped getting car sick!!  Hooray!

Larry on his playpen


Favorite Movies:  Anything with action so I can whiste along
Favorite Snack:   Cereal, particularly Captin Crunch and Cherios.  I also enjoy an occassional peanut.  Grapes are particular "healthy" treat that I love, as well as spinach, and green beans.
Favorite Not-So-Healthy Snack That I'm Not Allowed to Have (but I try):  Pepsi
Favorite Place to be Pet:  On my head
Favorite Past Times:  Singing while Daddy plays the guitar, playing with my toys, spending time with Mama or Daddy, helping Mama and Daddy on the computer, playing on my play pen, flying, pushing things off the table so Mama and Daddy pick them up, taking a bath, and many other things.

Find out more about Black-Capped Conures

  • Balloons
  • The doorbell
  • Flash-lights
  • Loud noises
  • The vacuum
  • Having my wings clipped
  • Being away from Daddy or Mama
  • Being left in my cage
  • People messing with my cage
  • Having my wings touched (only Mama can)
  • Hammering


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